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The Nature Sparkles Set - Handmade Watercolor Paint

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A radiant collection of 6 handmade shimmer watercolors inspired by the northern lights and dark skies. These colors are perfect for nature-inspired paintings, infusing a sparkling touch into your art 🌟

💫 Shade Names and Descriptions:

🍃Ruby Twinkle: A rich shimmer watercolor blending dark red with subtle brown undertones, adorned with beautiful gold sparkles.

🍃Honey Sunbeam: A golden light beige infused with sparkles of light gold and subtle silver shimmer, perfect for delicate trees and capturing the play of sunlight on leaves.

🍃Enchanted Sage: A light green with sparkling specks of gold and soft green, perfect for delicately painting leaves and plant life.

🍃Winter Breeze: A light blue hue with delicate sparkles of silver, adding charm to frosty leaves, serene landscapes, or icy water surfaces

🍃Enchanted Soil: A shimmer watercolor capturing the deep richness of dark brown with subtle sparkles of gold, perfect for landscapes and trees.

🍃Golden Hour: A rich sparkling warm gold, ideal for sunlit scenes, foliage, and other natural elements. Perfect for trees!


To activate these watercolor paints, simply add 1-2 drops of water onto the pan. Allow it to rest for 1-2 minutes, ensuring optimal activation for vivid and dynamic color application.

🎨 Crafted in small batches. Free from fillers or additives, these paints offer pure, authentic colors. Occasionally, you may notice subtle bubbles or cracks on the surface, but rest assured, these characteristics do not compromise the quality of our product

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