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Sparkle Spring Watercolor Set

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This set includes 4 super sparkly shimmer half pan watercolours: Lavender, Light Green, our best seller Sunset Gold and Mermaid, which is a duo chrome colour that has a green and purple shine. 

These watercolours can also be applied on acrylic oil papers and canvases and shine brighter than a normal shimmer watercolour due to the large particle size in the pigments. 

It's very easy to use these handmade watercolours, dab a wet brush on your half pan and let it rest for a few seconds to a minute. This allows the binder to activate itself. The more water your mix will have, the lighter, delicate and transparent shimmer stroke you will have. To have a very shimmer opaque look, use less water and more paint. To have a thick granulating effect, use very tiny amount of water. Experiment around and have fun!

Our watercolours are handmade, eco-friendly and non-toxic. We use gum arabic, honey, glycerin, rosemary & clove oil. Each watercolour pigment is unique, therefore each colour has a it's own special recipe. Once the paints are mulled, they are filled 3-4 times in the half pans to ensure a great amount of paint goes in each pan. We use no fillers in our paints. 

You may find little marks, bubbles and cracks on our watercolours, however they do not affect the performance of our watercolours.

Please do not consume these watercolours and do not leave the half pans around children.


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