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Ice Blue Watercolour

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Ice Blue is a watercolour with a cool blue bright shimmer with hints of silver. 

Our watercolours are handmade, eco-friendly and non-toxic. We use gum arabic, honey, glycerin, rosemary & clove oil. Each watercolour pigment is unique, therefore each colour has a it's own special recipe. Once the paints are mulled, they are filled 3-4 times in the half pans to ensure a great amount of paint goes in each pan. We use no fillers in our paints. 

Please refer to the second and third photo to see the colour difference between Ice Blue and Ocean Blue. The shades are similar however both have different undertones, Ice Blue has more of a blue cool tone whereas Ocean Blue has a slight aqua tone.

You may find little marks, bubbles and cracks on our watercolours, however they do not affect the performance of our watercolours.

Please do not consume these watercolours and do not leave the half pans around children.

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