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Acrylic Paint Brush Set of 6

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Professional Sinoart artist brush set. Includes 6 wooden long handle brushes. 

This set includes:

3 bristle hair brushes, which are ideal for backgrounds, layering, textures and stippling etc.

Filbert #12

Flat square #8

Round #6

3 taklon hair brushes, which are ideal for blending colours together, small details like branches, stars, trees, mountain outlines, etc.

Flat #4

Filbert #4

Round #2

The best thing about the 3 bristle brushes is that they help you get the even color distribution, as you can see in the beginning for the background. They are also super ideal for making tree impressions, and textures like grass etc. The 3 taklon brushes allows you to have more details on your paintings and help you achieve finer results.

These brushes have natural and synthetic hair mixed. You can use them for oil, acrylics and watercolour. It is normal for brushes to shed a few bristles the first few times you use them, however after the second or third use, it will stop. 

(Please note that not taking take of your brushes properly can result in more shedding.)